How to configure you pfSense on the NBN in Australia

SG-1100 and SG-3100 models (but can be used for any switched / vlan ports)

In Australia, the NBN connections can require your PPPoE to present on a VLAN - most commonly VLAN ID 2.  If you are not familar with using VLAN's on pfSense, you may find the below useful.

We have found this is commonly used on HFC & FTTC NBN services, however the technique is the same regardless of access technology used.

The SG-3100 has a dedicated physical interface for the WAN and OPT1 ports - meaning we don't need to create any SWITCH config for the new VLAN.  If you are using the SG-3100, skip ahead to the Interface creation - "SG-3100's start here!"


Using the (factory) default config:

Start by making the pfsense switch aware of VLAN 2

  • Navigate to Interfaces -> Switches -> VLANs

  • Click on "Add Tag" and match the below settings (you will need to "Add member"

    • The below assumes you will be adding the VLAN tag to the WAN interface, which is interface "3"

    • You can review which physical interface the port number relates to by reviewing the details in  Interfaces -> Switch -> Ports

Odoo • Text and Image

Save the the new VLAN, and confirm the below settings are applied:

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SG-3100 start here!

Next, you will need to create the interface.

  • Navigate to Interfaces -> Assignments -> VLANs

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Ensure you save / apply the new virtual interface.

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Next, you will need to configure your Interface assignments.

  • If you use PPPoE, you would assign the VLAN2 to the PPP interface

    • Navigate to Interfaces -> Assignments -> PPPs

    • Re-assign the the interface which the pppoe accounts binds with to th "mvneta0.2"

    • (Top Tip - the value after the "." = VLAN ID)

    • Check your log files / dash board to confirm connectivity

    • (Top Tip - NBN HFC and FTTC connection equipment may need a reboot to learn the MAC address of your pfSense if you have used other devices to authenticate previously)

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Alternatively, if you are configuring on a direct connection, simply select the correct VLAN for the WAN port on the Interface Assignments tab:

  • Navigate to Interfaces -> Assignments

  • Click the drop-down for WAN and select the "VLAN 2 (NBN)" interface you created earlier

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This should complete the config required to connect your pfSense to your NBN provider.  Remember - rebooting the NBN NTU can be a real time-saver (and be mindful that HFC and FTTC modems can take over 5 minutes to reconnect - so be patient).  If you have any issues, remember to check your pfSense logs!