IT Department

Leverage the skills of a larger IT team within your organisation, without the expense.  Your IT Department (as a service!) will open up a wealth of skills, and free you of the burden of a single IT go-to person.

What is it?

IT Department, at it's core, is designed to help smaller organisations benefit from the services normally only available to larger organisations.

Commonly, smaller organisations (5 to 20 staff) have an individual who is approachable on IT matters & that person is happy to spend time away from their normal job function. This can be very costly & bring unintended consequences.

IT Department provides access to a full suite of IT services, but at a proportional cost which is appropriate for your organisation. 

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What does the IT Department do?

Onsite and Remote Support

We can service most change requests and user support tickets remotely, thus reducing travel time, cost and distraction to you.

Proactive Services

Our technicians will perform the maintenance activities required to avoid technology related business impacts where possible.

IT Asset Management

Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) can help you reduce the life-cycle cost of technology. This will help you improve your existing ITAM practices, or develop a new ITAM process.

Structured Discount

You will receive our preferred client discounts on hardware purchases and project work.

Virtual CIO

As part of the program, ETS will provide the services of a senior IT resource to assist with your strategic technology planning, budgeting and awareness.

Remotely Monitored

ETS are able to keep an eye on all of the mission critical technology devices and services at your location(s) 24/7.

Scheduled Reports

Insight into how systems are working, how critical services are performing and how the overall technology is meeting your expectations.

Software License Management

Keeping track of the number of licenses and the software loaded on to each desktop or server can yield substantial savings by monitoring installations and usage plus changes in the vendors pricing and licensing model.

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Who is "IT Department" for? (Click)

A typical customer has between 5 and 100 computers in their organisation.  However, any business which has felt pressure from a lack of IT skills or resources will benefit from our IT Department service.

Additionally, larger businesses who are looking to supplement or support their existing in-house IT providers will also benefit from more on-demand skill.

Probably not as much as you think!

Pricing starts from $500 per month for a full service IT department.  This price scales on the needs of the organisation, and is adapted on an ongoing basis to meet your expectations.

We help with everything we can - and in scenarios where we can't help, we'll work with third parties on your behalf.  Typically, organisations which rely heavily on custom or industry specific software/equipment will have a support agreement in place to service that.  It's common for us to liaise with third parties on your behalf to cut down on the time to resolution of problems, and eradicate any unnecessary back-and-forth which can happen.

The time spent is the main function used to establish our agreed monthly cost to the organisation - so what's included is dictated by you!

The onboarding process is discussed and agreed with customers before any work commences - there will never be any costs you're not aware of.

Depending on the existing infrastructure at the organisation, you may elect to marry the IT Department enrollment with an "Infrastructure Renewal."  Where a renewal has identified some risks and improvements you might like to consider, there may be costs associated with implementing those changes.

The IT department is a flat, month to month engagement, nothing more.

Absolutely.  Every business is unique, we expect that.  We find that many businesses share fundamentals - basic productivity suites, network, internet etc, then layer on the stuff that makes them different.

These differences, from an IT Department perspective, can be industry specific - Medical providers will use medical software, manufacturers will use manufacturing software (MRP/II etc), and so on.

Finally, each business will have different expectations from the IT Department around the services they perform - from Service Level Agreement, Service Catalog and the amount of time expected to be spent.

We encourage discussing your unique requirements with us & we can work together to find a way to improve your IT efficiency and satisfaction.