Eclipse Technology Services Australia

Managing your Technology needs in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Taree, Port Macquarie & Kempsey.

We're all about Service.

Our core principal is that Customer Service is first and foremost in a successful working relationship.  We work hard to keep you updated and informed, enabling you to make the best decisions for your business.  Impartiality and Honesty from all parties is central to our success.

Be Informed

The best decisions are made when all parties have all the facts.  Obvious really.  Get the most out of your Investment by having regular contact with your IT company, and not just when something breaks.


Building trust with your IT department is crucial.  We work hard to ensure our customers understand our solutions are based on their business needs, not ours.  By working with a flat fee & zero margin on the products, services and licenses we resell, we don't bias your decisions in any way.


We are a team who understands that our success depends on your success.  Maintaining a focus on your services & ensuring a dependable platform is a key component in that success; and ultimately a great outcome for everyone.