Essential Services

We believe there are a number of core IT components in any business, and these "Essential Services" should be regularly reviewed, tested, challenged and critiqued to make sure your IT systems are generating the greatest return for your investment.

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IT Department

Leverage the skills of a larger IT team within your organisation, without the expense. Your IT Department (as a service!) will open up a wealth of skills, and free you of the burden of a single IT go-to person.

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NBN Phone Systems

Centralised phone systems can reduce cost and complexity, with the benefit of bringing branches closer by using extension numbers, not public numbers to connect them, reducing the number of phone lines required across the organisation.

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CCTV Surveillance

Reduce your risk exposure to many types of threats with some CCTV, as well as helping productivity and workflow in many situations.

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Business Continuity

Encompassing many IT disciplines, continuity is the marriage of IT products and services in a way that allows the business to continue, or resume normal operation with minimal impact from critical incidents.  Speak to us to help you identify what happens to your business in a failure.

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Security in any business isn't one thing, it is a continually evolving collection of services, products and working practices. Most notably, we invest heavily in a number of technologies to achieve the security outcomes which are essential in modern day computing.

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Network Review

A comprehensive IT review is the first step in understanding the gap between where you are now and what your network needs to help maximise your current and future performance.