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December Change Freeze

Each Holiday Season, we all enjoy some well-earned time with our family and friends, underscored by a period of rest and relaxation.

In recognition of the extended and unprecedented workload for the team over the last two years specifically, our December Change Freeze will be extended.

Normal change conditions require multiple people to assess the changes which are proposed by an engineer, and verified in a number of ways.  Additionally, changes to infrastructure represent the greatest risk to stability.  It is the minimization of these risks which a change freeze will achieve, and is used at key times in the calendar.

    First Day of Change Freeze: Friday 2nd December 2022

    Last Day of Change Freeze: Monday 16th January 2023

During a change freeze, all elective and non-critical changes are not possible, and only changes as a response to an active incident where something is broken & causing business impact can be completed.

Some activities which are not considered a change include: Adding & Removing Users, or security changes to those users.  Any changes that can only affect a single user, or would otherwise be regarded as the normal use of a product or service do not constitute a change.  Please speak to one of our team to get a clearer understanding of the impact of this change freeze if you have any concerns.

Changes will be executed on a priority basis at the recommencement of the normal change conditions.

We wish all of our partners a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!